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Ever find yourself spinning your wheels trying to figure out what direction to go in? Or even procrastinating over and over, until you just give up and do nothing?

Ever wonder why its so hard to get started on tasks that you know would move you closer to your goals?

This 10 day challenge will take you through a process that will help you not only focus on your top priority goals, but make it easier to crush them every single day.

This system, which I use daily, will not only help you focus on what will give you maximum results, but will re-train your brain so that over time you don’t have to spend your precious energy convincing, bribing, or fighting yourself on what you need to do.

Over time the exhaustive process of overthinking can decrease, and action can become effortless. We just have to know how to get there.

What you’ll get from this challenge:

  • Process for figuring out your top priorities

  • Dig into what’s really holding you back

  • Leverage your “liabilities” in your favor

  • Learn how to stop procrastination

  • Reprogram your brain to a mindset that works with you, not against you

  • Make tasks that used to be difficult, easy and automatic

  • How to build momentum so that you can accomplish anything

How do I know it works?

I’m a self-improvement junkie. I’ve read hundreds of books on success, mindset and lifestyle strategies from some pretty amazing folks. This challenge is a combination of teachings that I’ve picked up along the way from people like Carol Dweck author of Mindset, Tom Bilyeu host of Inside Quest, and Alexander Heyne of Master the Day.

What I’ve learned is that success all comes back to controlling the way that you think and being able to create consistent habits in the direction of your goals.

Through the steps in the Challenge, you will learn how to create habits around intentional improvement that lasts.

As we all know, the first (and hardest) step to achieving anything is deciding to start.

Are you in?

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