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Do you have everything you need for a smooth event day?

We all know event day comes with a few surprises. Here’s a list of materials that will make it easy-breezy.

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Have one of each item at every volunteer/ team member’s check in station

  • Clip board

  • Guest list by alphabetical order

  • Guest list by secondary order (ex: table number or bid number)

  • Pens (2-3 because they tend to walk away)

  • Highlighters

  • Guest name tags (organized alphabetically. I like to go by first name because it’s easier for people to find quickly)

  • Name tag paper (pack blank pages for surprise guests that didn’t RSVP)

  • Name tag holders (for nicer events I like these magnetic ones. They don’t put holes in your guests’ nice clothes! They’re a bit more expensive, so make sure you ask for them back as guests leave at the end of the night)

Other registration Items:

  • iPad or computer (if using any apps or software for your check in)

  • 8.5x11 Acrylic sign holders for quick printable signs

  • Wrist bands (a must for differentiating ticket types ex: 21 and over for the bar, VIP, or for avoiding party crashers)’

  • Raffle tickets

  • Drink tickets (if you use raffle tickets in the same event, be sure to get drink tickets in a different color)


Here are the things I take to every single event I do. These are a must-have if you want to have more than one event!