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"Quierra was a joy to work with!  One of the great things about working with Quierra is her calming presence.  Despite our having started the planning process late, Quierra remained collected and confident throughout, inspiring and encouraging us to do our best all the way.  She is a reservoir of fundraising and event planning knowledge; her guidance was invaluable. With Quierra’s help, we were able to redesign an event that wasn’t working very well, and raise more money than we ever have before. We couldn’t have done it without her!"

-Gloria F., Executive Director of a cultural non-profit


"Quierra is effective, energizing and authentic. She understands not only what it takes to put on a successful fundraiser, but also how to build organizational capacity and help individuals overcome their fears about "the ask." What I find most inspiring about Quierra's work is the way that she helps to reframe the narrative of fundraising, helping us to see that by opening up connections to worthy causes, we are offering opportunity and community rather than simply asking for money. In this way, Quierra offers more than just strategy-- she also gives her clients a positive, empowered mindset and a pathway to sustainable growth. I wish I had you when I was first starting out!"

- Casey M., public school teacher & former fundraising professional


"Working with Quierra was amazing! As a first-time Planning Committee Chair, she was a huge help to me in figuring out how to organize our meetings, make the best use our time, and to get the results we wanted for our gala. She did a great job of explaining things in a way that was easy to understand and use. She really went above and beyond for our team. Our event was more successful than it had ever been, and I know we couldn't have done it without her!"

- Daniel O., financial advisor and first time fundraising committee Chair


"We weren't sure if hiring a consultant was right for us, and doing a Discovery Call with Quierra was a great way for us to find out. She was really open and honest about what she thought we needed and what we didn't, from the very beginning. It was never high-pressure or salesy. With her help on the call, we were able to establish clear goals that we felt confident we could achieve. Because we got so much helpful information in the call alone, we knew that hiring Quierra would be a great investment."

Stephen Z., financial advisor & first time fundraising committee member


"Quierra has such a helpful way of presenting information without making me feel overwhelmed with how much work my organization needs! She asked pertinent questions about how my organization runs that really inspired me to think critically.  I appreciate her perspective and ability to brainstorm on the fly, showing she knows what she is talking about.  I feel very comfortable going to her for advice and getting her feedback to help my fundraisers grow. I definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to expand the good work they do!"

- Alicia B. dance therapist, memorial fundraiser