Are you feeling stressed out + overwhelmed trying to keep track of #AlltheThings you have to do for your next fundraising event?

Are you tight on time and wondering how and when you’ll get it all done?

Does your entire event plan exist only in your head, forcing you to do all the work by yourself?

Do you need a team to help you, but worry that you don’t have the time it takes to train them and keep them on track?

You’re in the right place.

Imagine for a second that when it’s time to start planning your annual successful event, all you have to do is open a list and get started.

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  • You feel calm and confident through the whole planning process because you know exactly what’s happening and when it needs to get done.

  • You sleep easy at the night and don’t stay up worrying about what important thing you forgot, or where you put that random post-it note with your to-do list on it.

  • Managing a team for your fundraiser is a breeze because everyone knows what to do + when to do it.

That sounds awesome, right?


But right now you’re probably frustrated with trying to plan your fundraiser because you…

Don’t have enough time to create a detailed plan

Have a million other important projects going on at the same time

And have no idea where to start or what to prioritize anyway

You need a Project management plan, my friend

Some people call it a task list, or a to-list, or a team plan. What ever you call it, it’s a place where you keep a list of every single thing that needs to be done to make your event successful.

A great project management plan takes the stress off of planning. You and your team can all see what needs to be done and who is in charge of doing it - all in one convenient place.

Having a detailed plan is THE Game Changer that takes an unorganized, stressful event that’s not giving you the profits you want and turns it into a smooth, highly effective money machine.

But what if you don’t have time to make a project management plan from scratch? I got you covered!

The Ultimate Fundraiser Project Plan was made for you!

The Plan is a complete list of what to do to make your fundraiser successful.

This isn’t some vague 2 page checklist. The Plan is a super detailed, done-for-you list of 400+ tasks that walk you through your next fundraiser from start to finish.

This is the exact Plan I use to help my clients plan events with 6-figure profits.

So you can spend less time planning and more time getting it done!

the plan includes 400+ tasks for:

  • getting sponsors

  • promoting your event

  • hiring + managing vendors

  • creating marketing materials

  • managing event rentals

  • creating a theme + decorating

  • Creating + organizing a team

  • planning your program

  • organizing your auction

  • + so much more!

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How much is a week of your time worth?

Because there’s so much detail involved, creating a solid project management plan usually takes a week (or more) of dedicated focus. And we all know that time is money.

Now adding the million other things already on your plate, what’s the real cost of doing it yourself?

Imagine, a week’s worth of work done in minutes for just a small $52 investment.

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      stay focused

      No more worrying about where you put that random scrap of paper with your to-do list scribbled on it or having to micromanage your team to stay on track.

      The Plan allows you to keep all of your tasks in one easy-to-use place where everyone on your team can see what they need to do and when to do it.

      And the really cool part- once you customize your plan you’ll have a template to use for your event year after year. Boom!

      have any questions?

      I’m happy to help. Email me directly at or just click the button below.

      You might be thinking....

      I have no idea where to even start or what to prioritize.

      The Plan has got you covered. All the tasks in the Plan are already in order of what you need to do first when planning your event.

      I have a loose plan for my event but it all exists in my head so it’s really hard to bring people in to help me.

      The beauty of having a detailed project plan with everything written down is that you don’t have to worry about keeping every little detail crammed in your head. The Plan saves you time because you don’t have to do everything alone, allowing you to focus on only the most important things.

      I don’t think I have time to manage a team. It’s like trying to herd cats!  

      The Plan makes sure you have everything in one place and everyone has access at all times. This makes it easy to bring a team together to help plan your fundraiser because everyone can see what their next step is without you having to constantly tell them.

      My team and I aren’t “techy” and I don’t want a system that’s confusing or hard to learn.

      The Plan was built for “non-techy” people and is super easy to use. The Plan comes with step by step instructions to teach you how to use the spreadsheet and also instructions on how you can upload your Plan to Asana in 10 minutes or less! Asana is the FREE project management tool I use for all of my events because it’s so user-friendly.

      I’m not planning the typical fundraiser, so I need a plan that fits my event.

      I hear you. The Plan is a list of general tasks that folks need to do when planning any kind of successful fundraising event. The goal if the Plan is to eliminate the stress and overwhelm that keeps people from getting started. The Plan is a list of 400+ tasks to get you going and is also completely customizable for your unique event needs.

      Get YOUR ULTIMATE Project Plan Today!


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